The Best Pet Gate For Your Home

MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate- Pressure Mounted

Price: $57.99

Cheapest Price:

When I first got my dogs I was not even thinking of a pet gate. To be honest, I never even knew they had gates specifically for dogs. I was using the cheap baby gates to keep them out of the rooms that had carpet until I knew they were potty trained. What I did not expect was the length of the time it would take for them to be “officially” potty trained and the amount of time I had to have these ugly, cheap baby gates laying haphazardly against the door frames. Everyone in my family would knock them over or fall over them trying to get to one room to the other. A few times they actually fell on the dogs themselves. It was not only unsafe but it been an eyesore to say the least.

So I started searching.

I was googling prices, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos on how some were installed. I found some you had to drill into walls, which was a big no. Some were inexpensive but plastic and just as ugly as the ones I wanted desperately to get rid of. Finally, I came across the MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate.

Initially, I was turned off by the price considering the amount I would have to buy for my home and the fact that I was not expecting to keep them up for so long. I also did not want to limit my dogs to certain rooms, only until they were “potty trained.” But, come to find out, now I actually don’t mind having the option of keeping them out at certain times. Especially times when I have to clean (vacuum), do laundry (since they steal my clothes) or just simply need some space.

So I bought them, and I have absolutely no regret.

The MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate is a pressure mounted gate and is 28.25 inches wide, which it basically the size of a standard size door. It does come with two extensions which can extend the gate to 38.25 inches wide. It is 28.5 inches high making it one of my favorite features because it will keep even large dogs from jumping over it. It just looks classy, especially with the fancy arch and the matte bronze finish. 

How it works: It comes with cups which you will either drill into your door frame or use the double-sided tape it comes with, which is what I used. This is where the pressure mounts on the gate slide into and you start twisting each side to move it closer and closer to the door frame. Which, is essentially what makes it “a pressure mount.” The pressure mount feature it so solid that you will not feel it necessary to drill into any molding.

The doors can be held open by simply pushing it open far enough or if you are just passing through and want it to close behind you, they will close automatically. Super sleek, convenient and a nice smooth closure.

I was so excited when I got them that I decided I would try to install it myself. The instructions were simple enough and the installation took about 10 minutes, at most, for each gate.

So if you are looking for a classy, semi-permanent and sturdy pet gate, this it the one you want.

All around a complete five stars in my book.

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    1. Thank you! About two years now. I run another blog of an unrelated topic which is how I started.

      Are you blogging? Or a pet momma?

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