Recommended Dog Supplements When Feeding A Homemade Dog Food Diet in 2018

This part of the homemade food diet was by far the most overwhelming. There are a ton of dog supplements on the market today. So many that offer one, or several, benefits which makes it difficult to filter out what you need and don’t need. Then there are the questions of, are you giving to much? Or too little? Are the ingredients natural? And exactly how much is this going to cost?

These are all relatively the same questions we ask when buying vitamins for ourselves. It gave me a headache when I kept being referred to one and then another. There were so many opinions and the expenses alone seemed contradicting to saving money by going homemade AND I had zero confidence that I could actually pull it off, until I did.

When starting a homemade dog food regimen, supplements are crucial in providing them a well-balanced meal. However, it is important not to get hung up on providing a well-balanced meal at EVERY feeding. As long as their nutritional needs are being met within a few days that is good enough. That is also why it is important to use variety and I always cook two meals. I rotate one recipe in the morning and another in the afternoon for a well-rounded diet.

We as humans barely get well-balanced meals on a daily basis. I can assure you my son does not get his nutritional needs met daily when eating macaroni and cheese for lunch every day (not literally but you catch the drift). So relax, we have enough to worry about!

So with that being said I have done the dirty work for you. This is a list of all the supplements I personally use and add to my pups homemade meals to offer a well-balanced, homemade dog food recipe.

HeOleum Hemp Oil Cold Pressed Organic (16 oz. @ $17.99)

Initially I was just adding four tablespoons of olive oil to each batch of my homemade because I always had it on hand making it relatively convenient. But recently I switched to this 100% organic virgin cold pressed hemp seed oil which has more benefits than just olive oil. This oil provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, free radical antioxidants and Vitamin E which promote healthy skin and fur in addition to anti-inflammatory benefits for any pains and discomforts. Dachshunds are prone to back issues and because of their little legs and long bodies they may also be subject to inflamed and achy joints. However, olive oil could work just as good.

For information on the vast benefits of hemp seed oil and your dog, visit

Nupro Natural Supplement ( 5pds. For $37.22)      

This is one of my favorite products to use and though it may be on the expensive side, it will surely help your pups get any nutrients they may be lacking otherwise. This supplement is highly recommended. You can either mix it into their food once your put it in their  bowls as a powder or add water to it to make a gravy. Regardless of how you serve it, the benefits are outrageous. You can also add this supplement to any kibble and your dogs will be delighted by not only the smell but the taste as well.  I used this prior to my homemade to entice Lulu to eat her kibble. It is simple and you can be sure they are receiving all their nutritional needs.

Nupro uses desiccated powdered liver as its base instead of any unidentifiable fillers. Then they add Kelp (which is known for its Iodine content which helps support your dog’s thyroid levels as well as their metabolism), amino acids and digestive enzymes, flax seed, Lecithin, Allicin (a powerhouse of antioxidants proven to help fight cardiovascular disease) and Lactobacillus Acidophilus (which helps regulate the digestive system much like whole fat yogurt). It comes in a powder form so you can use it when needed and store away when not. Check out my Nupro review page for purchasing and additional information.

I suggest you visit the review section on Amazon to see the vast benefits Nupro offers to dogs (and cats) suffering from all different kinds of health issues or you can visit their page directly here. This powder can be used in both homemade cooking and kibble.

So there you have it, a small, teeny tiny, list of all the dog supplements I add to my homemade dog food recipes. They aren’t too expensive or hard to find and I personally use them all. 

If you have any questions about any of these products, please contact me via e-mail at and I will try my best to answer them. Please note that I am not a nutritionist or a veterinarian therefore all the information I have given is my personal review because of my personal use of these products.



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