Brown Rice vs. White Rice 

There is alot of controversy on the internet about these two butting heads. I feed my dogs brown rice. Why? Because I eat brown rice, simple as that. I use rice as a filler, just as I do most of the vegetables. Some sites will say brown rice is hard for dogs to digest but I have not seen any rice in my dogs stools so to me they are digesting it just fine.

Aren’t vegetables hard for them to digest?

Yes, if they are fed raw and intact. I used to feed my pups raw green beans and carrots and they had no issues other than it came out just as it came in. Now I cook them and pulverize them before adding to their food.

Why the eggs shells?

Egg shells are added to all my recipes as an essential nutrient. They are a highly absorbable form of calcium and the most natural form to use. Sure you can buy calcium supplements, bone meals etc. but those come in powder form and who knows what else could be added in. If you blend the egg shells in a food processor they will grind down to powder anyway. Plus, fresh eggs are a fraction of the cost of buying any calcium powders.

All these supplements are crazy expensive!

Yes, they can be and Ill be honest this chased me away the first few times I started research on homemade foods. However, I perservered and found supplements that worked for me and my budget and my dogs are thriving beautifully. Check out my supplements page to learn more about what I use.

The prep seems like alot, how long does it take?

It does seem like alot, I agree. It appears time consuming but I can assure you once you get your flow you will see it really is not. I cook for an entire month and it takes a few hours and most of that time its either in the crock pot or simmering on the stove. I am a single mom and I have a son who plays travel hockey. We travel almost every weekend and spend two nights a week at the rink for practice. If I can pull it off so can you! 

Does it cost alot of money?

It may seem like it would but if you write down all that you need you may find that you have some of these ingredients on your shopping list anyway. I make alot of fresh juices for myself so all the vegetables and fruits I use I incorporate into their meals as well. The most expensive products will be the supplements but I have found some that work for me and my budget. Trust me, if I can swing it on one income, you can too!

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