Pet Qwerks Dog Toy Review 2018

Pet Qwerks Review

I have two dachshunds, digging, destroying, wrestling dachshunds who could not be more true to their breed. Every toy I buy for them is destroyed within ten minutes, at most. Every blanket they are given, destroyed. Every tennis ball they are given, destroyed. Every stuffed animal they are given, shredded and mauled to an unidentifiable carcass.

With that being said, I barely spend the money on toys because they simply do not last. I have also grown tired of picking up the insides of each toy from my floor.

So when I was given the opportunity to review Pet Qwerks toys, I figured I had to give it a shot. I had to see if they would stand the test against my dachshunds, Moose and Lulu.

Pet Qwerks is a company that is based out of California. They were founded in 2003 wherein Jim Gick created the Babble Ball from a yo-yo and motion switch, which later became a huge hit. From there they continued to grow and create interactive toys, plush toys, rubber toys and now their new line of Made in the USA dog chews.

They sent me a huge variety of their toys and I personally (dogs included) loved them all.

Babble Ball

This toy is hysterical. I think my husband and I enjoyed this one the most out of all of them. It is a motion censored hard ball that blinks, talks and makes the funniest animal noises. Moose and Lulu went ballistic when I put it down on the ground. They barked and ran in circles around it tails wagging. Lulu even dared to push it with her nose to make it come alive. It is made of hard plastic and neither of my pups tried to chew on it. It is more a toy for them to chase around or push around. Overall it is a really cool toy but it is loud, so if you have a lot of outdoor play or live in a home where noise is not an issue, then by all means purchase this toy as it will provide a ton of play time. 

X-Tire Ball

This toy was pretty cool also. It is a small ball that rattles and is wrapped within in two tires which makes it easy for them to carry and will also satisfy their urge to chew. It has multiple animal sounds and turns on when touched. My dogs enjoyed this one as well but I am not sure my upstairs neighbor did! They had a lot of fun playing with this tire ball just next time we will have to take it outdoors.

Squeaky Emoji

This was the simplest toy out of all of them and it turned out to be the biggest hit. Lulu, my mega destroyer weighing in at nine pounds has yet to break through the tough rubber on this toy. She absolutely loves it and carries it everywhere she goes. This is a rubber semi-flat ball with a squeaker inside.  She chews and chews on it in pure glory. I will be purchasing another one for Moose.


This was the first toy I took out of the box because I just knew they would absolutely love it. My dogs love to chew on anything that makes noise, empty water bottles are their personal preference. So when I found this newspaper had a squeaker inside as well as crinkly paper it was definitely a win-win. Not only that but you can tell it is made from high quality canvas. They have yet to chew through this toy despite their attempts.

All-in-all my dogs (and I) really enjoyed the toys provided by Pet Qwerks and I highly recommend you visit their site to see the large inventory they offer. Visit Pet Qwerks  today and use  code KKOREN810 at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order site wide!

Rating 9/10
Highly Recommended

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