How Much Homemade Dog Food to Feed Your Dog

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself when starting a homemade diet is, how much do I feed them?

It is quite simple, use the formula below and your good to go.

You want to feed your dog about 2-3% of their total body weight. However, puppies should be feed a different guideline all together because they require more nutrients.

To calculate, you want to multiply their weight by 16 oz. to get the total body weight in ounces. From there, feed them 2-3% of that weight daily. My dogs get fed twice a day, so the number I get I divide into two.

For example, if you dog weighs 80 pds., for example, follow the calculation below:

  • 80 lbs. x 16 oz. = 1280 oz. (body weight in ounces)
  • 1280 oz. x .02 = 25.6 oz. (minimum food weight, couch potatoes)
  • 1280 oz. x .03 = 38.4 oz. (maximum food weight, active dogs)  

If you feed twice a day, divide into two.

It is as simple as that. You do not need to be a mathematician to get the formula correct. If you see your dog is losing weight add some more, if they are gaining weight, knock it down a notch. Just make sure you follow the 70% protein, 5% secreting organ, 5% muscle meat and 20% fruits and veggies.

If you are unclear what consists of an organ and/or muscle meat visit my page A Guide to Feeding Organ and Muscle Meat.

It does not need to be complicated just monitor them. Same applies with all the foods you will feed them. Some dogs may turn out to be sensitive to pork, or apples, or oats. Just keep an eye out. Don’t overcomplicate it, we have enough going on!


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