Easy Homemade Dog Food Chicken Recipe


Your home may smell like Mom’s Sunday cooking while making this recipe!

This is a simple recipe with budget friendly ingredients that does not lack in nutrition. It contains chicken leg quarters, ground beef, liver and beef heart. A balanced homemade dog food recipe with easily accessible ingedients.

I was able to find beef heart at a local ethnic meat shop and paid approximately $12.00 for a heart the size of my Lulu. I had them chop it up into six strips making it easier for me to freeze each individual strip. Each month I take one strip out and add it to one of the recipes I make. $2.00/month

Beef heart is an excellent source of protein and B vitamins and the price tag is just as excellent. 

In this recipe I added oats which are great for any dogs that have diabetes as it can help regulate blood sugar levels. Oats are also a great source of protein, fiber and Omega 6’s. However, it will be a perfectly balanced recipe should you choose to leave it out. For more information on feeding your dog oats, visit furrytips.com.

This is a fantastic homemade dog food recipe for small dogs!

Chicken & Oats

A delicate recipe of chicken and oats.

Main Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword balanced dog food recipe
45 - 1 hour 45 minutes
6 pounds


  • 6 Chicken Leg Quarters
  • 1 pd. Ground Beef Amino Acids
  • 8 oz. Beef Heart
  • 8 oz. Liver Vitamin A/Copper
  • 12 oz. Sardines (in water) Vitamin D
  • 16 oz. Spinach Manganese
  • 1 cup Blueberries Antioxidants
  • 2 Apples Raw
  • 2 cups Cottage Cheese Zinc
  • 1 cup Oats Cooked, Steel Cut
  • 4 Tbsp. Hemp Seed Oil Omega 3, Omega 6
  • 1 serving Nupro Prior to feeding


  1. Add chicken leg quarters, ground beef, heart and liver to a stock put steamer basket and steam for approximately 45 minutes. If you are using an Instant Pot steam on high for 20 minutes.

  2. Puree the raw spinach, apples, and blueberries. Set aside.

  3. When the meats are done and cooled, remove any large bones from the leg quarters keeping any cartilage as they will puree into a great source of calcium. 

  4. Puree the meat in your food processor adding the Hemp Seed oil a little at a time to ensure proper distribution.

  5. Add cooked oats, pureed vegetables/fruit, and meat to a large Tupperware or aluminum pan and hand mix.

  6. Lastly, add cottage cheese and mix.

  7. Prior to feeding, add the Nupro.

<<<For information on the supplements I use, check out my recommended supplements page here!>>>


Now measure out portions and freeze!

I use Ziploc bags for each meal and I portion out morning and night feedings. My dogs eat the same amount(2.5 oz each) so I measure out 5 oz. in each Ziploc bag and freeze/refrigerate. At feeding time I split the serving into two and serve.

Super easy, super clean, with all-natural, completely pronounceable ingredients!

Once I see that I have two days left of fresh food in the refrigerator I will take out another five days worth from the freezer and defrost.


**This recipe for my two small dogs will last about two weeks. This is why I cook an entire months worth (approx. 28-30 days) of food and I always cook two different proteins. That way they eat a variety of different food, each having their own nutritional benefits AND are not eating the same thing every day for a month straight**


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