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Nurture with Nature – The Organic Dawg


Owning a dog (or two) has become one of the biggest joys of my life, aside from raising my son. Their love is unconditional, their loyalty is unbreakable and their humor will bring a smile to my face even on the grimmest of days. They rely on me to feed them, nurture them and to provide them with a safe and loving home, just as that of a child.

They become our family, or if you are like me, they become our children. Over the years dog have become domesticated by humans, not by nature, and I believe they should be supported to remain as they are, “canines.” Dogs love to dig, chew, hunt, and herd, so let them. They love to roll around in the grass, chew on sticks and chase squirrels, so allow it, but too an extent and with the proper products.

Allow them to remain close to the wild by giving them food, toys, treats and supplements close to nature. Offer them things like organic fruits and vegetables, real bones to gnaw on, Himal yak bars to clean their teeth and freshen their breath, and dehydrated real meats to snack on. Things that are both nutritious, delicious and species appropriate.

Hemp toys and ropes are fantastic to keep them entertained. They are non-toxic, pure, clean and sustainable. The floss like strings will clean their teeth and you can be sure that if they destroy or swallow any threads, they will not have ingested anything more than what they would have found in the wild.

I personally like BeCoBone as they are made from natural rubber, rice husk fibers and are non-toxic and durable while being completely biodegradable at the same time. They are great for teething puppies
and are suitable for dogs of all sizes. Every dog needs a bone, just make it a toxic free one 🙂

Within the past few years we have become a society that has grown to appreciated more natural alternatives to pain relief, discomforts and any illness we may be experiencing. Grabbing manufactured products has become less desirable for us and the same should be applied to our four legged family members. There are a ton of reliable brands out there that offer certified organic supplements for dogs from milk thistle, slippery elm, and turmeric paste to name a few. Dogs in the wild have been treating themselves with natural herbs for decades and their lineage has remained resilient. I think us humans can learn a thing or two by observing these behaviors.

I am so dedicated to keeping pets as close to nature as possible that I recently opened an online pet supply store called

At The Organic Dawg I sell certified organic, eco friendly toys, treats and supplements for dogs. I have hand-picked and thoroughly investigated all the natural supplements, toys and treats on my site for purity and quality and I would love for you to check it out.

So take a few minutes to look around and see what we have to offer. Now we know shopping organic and all-natural can be expensive so we offer all of our products at the bare minimum of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price to help make it affordable. Please continue to check back frequently as we expand our inventory within the coming days.

At The Organic Dawg we are dedicated to choose nature for nurture and we hope that you find our store motivating enough to turn your dog into an “organic dawg.”

Your dog says thanks!

Kimberly xoxo



My PetPlan Pet Insurance 2018 Review

Having a dog has been one of the best experiences of my life, aside from raising my son. As a child I never had any dogs only a hamster and some fish, but I always heard of the unwavering love you would receive should you own one.

So when my son was six years old I bought him a mini dachshund we named Moose. We loved him so much and the joy he brought to our home was undeniable, so we ended up getting Lulu, an eight-week old mini dachshund, just eight months later. 

Of course, we would get lots of love and lots of laughs but what I did not know, being an inexperienced pet owner, was how much dogs would actually cost. I basically have three kids on one income, my son and two dogs.

Moose and Lulu were both puppies when we got them so I was well aware of the shot routine and checkups to make sure they were growing as they should, much like an infant, fine… I was prepared.

What I was not prepared for (which having insurance was undoubtedly the second best decision I had made) was the unexpected illnesses, injuries and the FHO surgery I would have to pay for within their first years.

Accidents happen, puppies get sick, dogs eat unimaginable things and bad genes start to rear their ugly heads within the first years.

While in the process of getting Moose, someone had mentioned pet insurance and immediately made the decision that I would purchase one. So I did some research and came across Petplan which was the most affordable and user-friendly insurance company I could find.

People thought I was nuts when I told them I had purchased insurance for both pets. Some days even I did, but I knew it would beneficial in the long run so I was willing to rally through the unused years of the policy.

Boy was I wrong!

Within ONE YEAR I had filed 7 claims for Moose and 4 for Lulu, ranging from UTI’s, to a minor back injury, one fell off my couch and the latest, FHO surgery, which was a huge payout for Lulu’s plan. Now you must think I am a neglectful pet mom, but I live in a condo the size of a shoe box and things happen, my dogs get into EVERYTHING!

Below are my current policies on both dogs so you can get an idea of how much I pay. Both Moose and Lulu are one years old and have been on a PetPlan policy since they were 6 months old.

When I signed them up I purchased their “recommended package.” They offer a basic package, a recommended package and the premier package. All with different annual coverage amounts and deductibles, but all cover 80% (minus the 20% deductible). To see what these include visit their website at

Lulu had surgery two weeks ago for a genetic condition in her hip (a/k/a hip dysplasia) and the surgery cost was $2,614.72.




So here is the breakdown for reimbursement for FHO Surgery:

Now my $250.00 deductible had already been met prior to this claim because of the surgery consult and prior medical exams, so I received the full reimbursement amount of $2,091.20.

Not bad right?

Had my deductible not been met, I would have still been reimbursement $1,841.20. Still, not bad.

Now if you figure how much I paid already on health insurance for the year $405.96- $1,841.20 (reimbursement w/o deductible met), I would have still gotten paid $1,435.24!

Pretty good deal.

Did I mention that I typically get reimbursed within twenty days of filing my claims? Well, its true.

Now there are a lot of other insurance companies out there selling pet insurance, some with more coverage, covering 100% which is great and all but you will be paying for that 100% coverage, like double the amount of what I pay, maybe even triple. I live on a tight budget so PetPlan worked best for me and I still made out significantly.

PetPlan also has an easy app, making filing claims really easy. Just fill in a few questions, take a picture of the invoice and hit send, claim is submitted. If they require additional information, they will either email you or call your veterinary directly.

One of the features I like the most is the live chat offered on their website. You can get a one-on-one, real conversation with a Petplan representative anytime during the day. With our busy schedules, between work and sports, I found it a lot easier to text someone as opposed to making a call and sitting on hold.

I have had PetPlan for my two dogs since they were six months old and I have yet to be disappointed. Obviously the sooner you get them on a plan the better your monthly fees will be and the less likely you will be denied a claim because of a “pre-existing condition.”

If you are interested in setting up a plan with PetPlan, click on this Ebates link where you will be offered SIX different coupon codes for PetPlan!

Your welcome!

So there you have it, the breakdown of how much pet insurance would cost if you choose PetPlan and when is the best time to purchase a plan. Don’t get stuck using payment plans for unexpected surgeries and treatments for conditions, pay in full and get reimbursed up to 80%!


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Best Dog Toy of 2018 – KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Look, we love our dogs.

We love the attention, the unconditional love, the kisses, the snuggles but sometimes…..we need our space.

My dogs follow me EVERYWHERE, to the bathroom, to the front door, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the shower. There is no personal space with my dogs. None, whatsoever. So what do I do when I need my space? I throw them a bone….or in this case, a KONG.

I have two mini dachshunds who couldn’t be more true to their breed, digging and destroying everything in their path.

I can buy stuffed squeaky toys for them until I am blue in the face and they will destroy them in five minutes flat. They love to dig and pull out all the stuffing until that poor stuffed fox is destroyed, bare bones with nothing but a carcass of a “had been.” Then I get to pick up all the stuffing, annoyed that I had again been suckered into spending money on something that would last five minutes.

I was over it.

So I did some searching and asked for some suggestions from fellow pet owners and I found out that Kong had come out with the KONG Wobble Treat Dispensing Dog Toy.

If you are a seasoned dog owner, I am sure you may already know the brand Kong. You can walk into any pet store and come face to face with a huge Kong display. Why? because they are a reliable brand so the stores push it. They offer toys suitable for dogs of all sizes, from puppy to extra extra large dogs. 

They also offer toys for all chewers, whether your dog is an average chewer or an aggressive chewer.

The Kong company is committed to providing high quality products offering their toys in food-grade, high-strength polymer (a/k/a natural rubber) that provide bored dogs, from puppy to adult, a safe way to stay entertained. For further information on how they construct their toys, or if you are interested in learning about all the products they offer, visit their page here

This particular Kong is filled with treats and wobbles and rolls, driving them crazy trying to get into it. I personally guarantee it will keep your dogs entertained as I own two myself. Watch this review video from YouTube provided by Tsuki to get a better visual of the product.

If your dogs are as crazy over food as mine are, this is a must have!!!

Have an aggressive eater? Fill the Kong with their food to help slow them down.  

Amazon rates this Kong Wobble at five and a half stars with over 3,000 reviews from dog owners who find this toy a brilliant invention. It comes in size small (pet weight max. 25lbs) and large (pet weight min. 25lbs) and is completely dishwasher safe. The small runs about $14.99 and the large is $19.99.

Sure, throwing a tennis ball is fun, my dogs love them too, but I find the classic Kong tires them easily. The funny construction keeps them further entertained once it hits the ground because it bounces in all different directions. It is completely unpredictable and when one of my dogs think they got it, it will bounce in a completely different direction causing them to stop, jump and run in another direction.

I actually find it quite comical watching them play keeping myself entertained as well 🙂

I have owned quite a few Kongs over the years. My first being the classic Kong which I would fill with peanut butter and freeze then give my puppy when I left for the day. He absolutely loved it and that is when my love for Kong started, making it still one of my favorite go-to toys for my needy fur balls.



The Best Pet Gate For Your Home

MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate- Pressure Mounted

Price: $57.99

Cheapest Price:

When I first got my dogs I was not even thinking of a pet gate. To be honest, I never even knew they had gates specifically for dogs. I was using the cheap baby gates to keep them out of the rooms that had carpet until I knew they were potty trained. What I did not expect was the length of the time it would take for them to be “officially” potty trained and the amount of time I had to have these ugly, cheap baby gates laying haphazardly against the door frames. Everyone in my family would knock them over or fall over them trying to get to one room to the other. A few times they actually fell on the dogs themselves. It was not only unsafe but it been an eyesore to say the least.

So I started searching.

I was googling prices, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos on how some were installed. I found some you had to drill into walls, which was a big no. Some were inexpensive but plastic and just as ugly as the ones I wanted desperately to get rid of. Finally, I came across the MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate.

Initially, I was turned off by the price considering the amount I would have to buy for my home and the fact that I was not expecting to keep them up for so long. I also did not want to limit my dogs to certain rooms, only until they were “potty trained.” But, come to find out, now I actually don’t mind having the option of keeping them out at certain times. Especially times when I have to clean (vacuum), do laundry (since they steal my clothes) or just simply need some space.

So I bought them, and I have absolutely no regret.

The MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate is a pressure mounted gate and is 28.25 inches wide, which it basically the size of a standard size door. It does come with two extensions which can extend the gate to 38.25 inches wide. It is 28.5 inches high making it one of my favorite features because it will keep even large dogs from jumping over it. It just looks classy, especially with the fancy arch and the matte bronze finish. 

How it works: It comes with cups which you will either drill into your door frame or use the double-sided tape it comes with, which is what I used. This is where the pressure mounts on the gate slide into and you start twisting each side to move it closer and closer to the door frame. Which, is essentially what makes it “a pressure mount.” The pressure mount feature it so solid that you will not feel it necessary to drill into any molding.

The doors can be held open by simply pushing it open far enough or if you are just passing through and want it to close behind you, they will close automatically. Super sleek, convenient and a nice smooth closure.

I was so excited when I got them that I decided I would try to install it myself. The instructions were simple enough and the installation took about 10 minutes, at most, for each gate.

So if you are looking for a classy, semi-permanent and sturdy pet gate, this it the one you want.

All around a complete five stars in my book.

The Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

About two months ago I noticed my one year old dachshund, Lulu, was not putting much weight on her right hind leg. Not thinking much of it other than an injury she got while playing with her brother, Moose, I let it go. The next day she seemed to be somewhat back to normal but was still limping for a good week, so we took her to the vet. We were shocked to hear that she has hip dysplasia and will need surgery. I was given an anti inflammatory while waiting for a consultation with a surgeon, which could take weeks.

The anti inflammatory prescribed seemed to only work for a few hours and she was left with discomfort for the remainder of the day. While searching the internet and reading Facebook posts for all-natural alternatives, I came across CBD oil.

Honestly, my first thought was “why would I want my dog intoxicated, sleeping all the time (any more than she already does!) and lethargic,” basically all the stereotypical side effects when you think THC (or Marijuana).

I am sure while perusing the internet you have come across CBD oil. You may even have a friend or neighbor who uses it, raving about the relief they get when they take it. You may even be interested in it for yourself or maybe even dismiss it altogether as “just a new fad.” But I am here to tell you that it works. As a matter of fact it works so well that I contacted the company where I bought mine and asked if we had anything to offer to any new potential users of this life-saving oil. They gave me a coupon code for 10% off your purchase at, just simply add Lulu10 at checkout and look for their formula specifically designed just for animals called “Pedigree.”

CBD oil is derived from hemp oil, so it contains trace amounts (if any at all) of THC. I can assure you that your dog will not be high or lethargic. They won’t be looking for munchies any more than they already do and they won’t be sleeping any more than they already do. It is completely safe and non-toxic and since Lulu has started taking the CBD oil I haven’t noticed any side effects whatsoever. It works so well that I have to force her to rest because she is running and jumping around as she normally would. She no longer whimpers on the couch or prefers to be carried outside, she is back to being Lulu with little to no restraint. is a company I trust when giving my dog CBD oil. They have the purest form I can find on the market using MCT oil, a CBD dominant hemp extract grown organically by them directly so nothing is out sourced. Their grade is the same as medical marijuana but since their THC levels are so low it is legally considered hemp making it safe to purchase in all 50 states.

They amount you use is so minimal that although the cost may seem steep (at $40 a bottle), it will last you a long time. Lulu gets two tiny drops every morning in her food. Is there really a price to managing your dog’s discomforts and pains or wanting to keep them happy and healthy while they continue to bring us joy and unconditional love?

Sure if you look online you will find CBD oil cheaper on the market, but how pure is it? What kind of hemp oil are you giving your dog? If it is cheap, ask yourself why it is so cheap. Every product on the market has its competitions, trying to seal the deal with cheaper prices preying on emotions and vulnerabilities. But, rest assured, that when you can get a bottle from 4cornerscannabis you are getting the purest form around, making quality over quantity (or price) a complete deal breaker.

So whether it is for a senior dog, an injured dog or post-surgery pain relief, CBD oil is the way to go. It is an all-natural plant based product that will meet your satisfaction 100%.

Where can I buy CBD Oil?

Check out to grab your Pedigree CDB Oil and make sure to use the coupon code Lulu10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

The Best Investment For Making Homemade Dog Food – Instant Pot

Product: Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Price: $99.95

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: 6 Quart


Hands down.

If you do not get this just to make your dog foods, for goodness sakes you should at least buy it to make cooking for yourself so much easier and faster. It cooks everything in half the time (or maybe even a quarter of the time). We are all busy, our time is precious and when we get home from work we are hungry….now. You can make awesome, moist, perfectly cooked meals in half the time as traditional baking. This model is by far the best instant pot multi cooker.

It comes with 14 smart programs, my favorite being the steamer setting which make steaming your meats easier and faster. I do use a stock pot while making some of my recipes but I feel like I always have to monitor the pot to make sure the water levels have not dropped enough to burn the pot. With Instant Pot you don’t have to concern yourself with that as it cooks with intense steam for a rapid finish. Steaming meat as opposed to boiling, frying or baking, (especially when cooking for your dogs) preserves the most nutrients. The more nutritious each item is that you add to your meals, the fewer ingredients and supplements you have to buy. Making it a win on the financial aspect of cooking homemade.

It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, and yogurt maker all for $99.00 on which is the best price I have seen so far. This product is absolutely user-friendly with no complex buttons or programming. Simply turn it on and press the button according to what you need it for.

It comes with a stainless steel food grade pot so there is no concern with any toxic coatings and a mini steamer for small veggies. It is a perfect combination product making homemade cooking for your dogs quicker than steaming in a traditional stock pot.

You can also purchase a larger steamer as the one provided is quite small making this the only con I can find. It is small enough to store on your counter or stash away in a cabinet or closet.

I have cooked numerous meals in this pot with fantastic results. I highly recommend this item, as do Amazon customers who have left over 27,000 reviews and four and a half stars.

So go ahead, make your life easier, buy the Instant Pot!

Nupro All Natural Supplement Review 2018 – Why I Choose Nupro

Why I Choose Nupro… 

Nupro is an all-natural holistic supplement that adds digestive enzymes, amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals to your dog’s food. It can be added to processed kibble as well as an addition to a homemade dog food diet. Giving it a variety of uses.

Since most nutritional needs are not always met with traditional kibble or homemade foods, adding additional vitamins is not only wise, but necessary.

This powder is jam packed with nutrients that will improve your dogs fur, ease ailments associated with itchy skin or hair loss, support a healthy immune system, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. Another perk, is does not contain any wheat, corn, preservative or gluten making it safe for all dogs to use.

Nupro uses desiccated powered liver as their base which will make your dog’s head spin the minute you open it. The smell is beefy and if you add water to the powder it creates gravy like substance which you could add in to traditional kibble.

Since I make homemade food, this is simply added to my meat mixture. It does not require refrigeration so take what you need and store it away. Easy peasy!

Nupro also adds the following ingredients to make it an absolute #1 in my dog pantry:

Kelp: A natural source of iodine which helps promote a healthy thyroid gland. A lot of homemade diets can be quite low in iodine which overtime can contribute to thyroid dysfunction.

Amino Acids: Provides energy and keeps the immune system strong.

Digestive Enzymes: Helps your pup digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates aiding their ability to properly absorb nutrients and aids in digestion.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus (a/k/a yogurt): Helps regulate the digestive system.

Allicin: Powerhouse of antioxidants proven to fight cardiovascular disease

Brewers Yeast: Promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes and nails as well as liver function. High levels of Vitamin B may help ease dog anxiety as well.

Flaxseed: A great source of fiber it also contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Garlic: It contains trace amounts of garlic which help boost the immune system and acts as an antibiotic.

Calcium: Essential nutrient for bone and joint health. This is a must for dogs on a homemade dog food diet

Nupro runs about $35-40 for a 5 pound tub and since my two pups total 25 pounds, this tub will last me about six or more months. It may seem like a lot but there are double, if not triple, the benefits to using Nupro. It is super convenient, clean and quite inexpensive considering its counterparts currently on the market today. The best part, it is an all natural supplement!

Nupro also offers a holistic supplement for joint health!

For what it’s worth, I highly recommended this product!


For more detailed information on Nupro visit their page here.

Recommended Dog Supplements When Feeding A Homemade Dog Food Diet in 2018

This part of the homemade food diet was by far the most overwhelming. There are a ton of dog supplements on the market today. So many that offer one, or several, benefits which makes it difficult to filter out what you need and don’t need. Then there are the questions of, are you giving to much? Or too little? Are the ingredients natural? And exactly how much is this going to cost?

These are all relatively the same questions we ask when buying vitamins for ourselves. It gave me a headache when I kept being referred to one and then another. There were so many opinions and the expenses alone seemed contradicting to saving money by going homemade AND I had zero confidence that I could actually pull it off, until I did.

When starting a homemade dog food regimen, supplements are crucial in providing them a well-balanced meal. However, it is important not to get hung up on providing a well-balanced meal at EVERY feeding. As long as their nutritional needs are being met within a few days that is good enough. That is also why it is important to use variety and I always cook two meals. I rotate one recipe in the morning and another in the afternoon for a well-rounded diet.

We as humans barely get well-balanced meals on a daily basis. I can assure you my son does not get his nutritional needs met daily when eating macaroni and cheese for lunch every day (not literally but you catch the drift). So relax, we have enough to worry about!

So with that being said I have done the dirty work for you. This is a list of all the supplements I personally use and add to my pups homemade meals to offer a well-balanced, homemade dog food recipe.

HeOleum Hemp Oil Cold Pressed Organic (16 oz. @ $17.99)

Initially I was just adding four tablespoons of olive oil to each batch of my homemade because I always had it on hand making it relatively convenient. But recently I switched to this 100% organic virgin cold pressed hemp seed oil which has more benefits than just olive oil. This oil provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, free radical antioxidants and Vitamin E which promote healthy skin and fur in addition to anti-inflammatory benefits for any pains and discomforts. Dachshunds are prone to back issues and because of their little legs and long bodies they may also be subject to inflamed and achy joints. However, olive oil could work just as good.

For information on the vast benefits of hemp seed oil and your dog, visit

Nupro Natural Supplement ( 5pds. For $37.22)      

This is one of my favorite products to use and though it may be on the expensive side, it will surely help your pups get any nutrients they may be lacking otherwise. This supplement is highly recommended. You can either mix it into their food once your put it in their  bowls as a powder or add water to it to make a gravy. Regardless of how you serve it, the benefits are outrageous. You can also add this supplement to any kibble and your dogs will be delighted by not only the smell but the taste as well.  I used this prior to my homemade to entice Lulu to eat her kibble. It is simple and you can be sure they are receiving all their nutritional needs.

Nupro uses desiccated powdered liver as its base instead of any unidentifiable fillers. Then they add Kelp (which is known for its Iodine content which helps support your dog’s thyroid levels as well as their metabolism), amino acids and digestive enzymes, flax seed, Lecithin, Allicin (a powerhouse of antioxidants proven to help fight cardiovascular disease) and Lactobacillus Acidophilus (which helps regulate the digestive system much like whole fat yogurt). It comes in a powder form so you can use it when needed and store away when not. Check out my Nupro review page for purchasing and additional information.

I suggest you visit the review section on Amazon to see the vast benefits Nupro offers to dogs (and cats) suffering from all different kinds of health issues or you can visit their page directly here. This powder can be used in both homemade cooking and kibble.

So there you have it, a small, teeny tiny, list of all the dog supplements I add to my homemade dog food recipes. They aren’t too expensive or hard to find and I personally use them all. 

If you have any questions about any of these products, please contact me via e-mail at and I will try my best to answer them. Please note that I am not a nutritionist or a veterinarian therefore all the information I have given is my personal review because of my personal use of these products.



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