Best Dog Toy of 2018 – KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Look, we love our dogs.

We love the attention, the unconditional love, the kisses, the snuggles but sometimes…..we need our space.

My dogs follow me EVERYWHERE, to the bathroom, to the front door, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the shower. There is no personal space with my dogs. None, whatsoever. So what do I do when I need my space? I throw them a bone….or in this case, a KONG.

I have two mini dachshunds who couldn’t be more true to their breed, digging and destroying everything in their path.

I can buy stuffed squeaky toys for them until I am blue in the face and they will destroy them in five minutes flat. They love to dig and pull out all the stuffing until that poor stuffed fox is destroyed, bare bones with nothing but a carcass of a “had been.” Then I get to pick up all the stuffing, annoyed that I had again been suckered into spending money on something that would last five minutes.

I was over it.

So I did some searching and asked for some suggestions from fellow pet owners and I found out that Kong had come out with the KONG Wobble Treat Dispensing Dog Toy.

If you are a seasoned dog owner, I am sure you may already know the brand Kong. You can walk into any pet store and come face to face with a huge Kong display. Why? because they are a reliable brand so the stores push it. They offer toys suitable for dogs of all sizes, from puppy to extra extra large dogs. 

They also offer toys for all chewers, whether your dog is an average chewer or an aggressive chewer.

The Kong company is committed to providing high quality products offering their toys in food-grade, high-strength polymer (a/k/a natural rubber) that provide bored dogs, from puppy to adult, a safe way to stay entertained. For further information on how they construct their toys, or if you are interested in learning about all the products they offer, visit their page here

This particular Kong is filled with treats and wobbles and rolls, driving them crazy trying to get into it. I personally guarantee it will keep your dogs entertained as I own two myself. Watch this review video from YouTube provided by Tsuki to get a better visual of the product.

If your dogs are as crazy over food as mine are, this is a must have!!!

Have an aggressive eater? Fill the Kong with their food to help slow them down.  

Amazon rates this Kong Wobble at five and a half stars with over 3,000 reviews from dog owners who find this toy a brilliant invention. It comes in size small (pet weight max. 25lbs) and large (pet weight min. 25lbs) and is completely dishwasher safe. The small runs about $14.99 and the large is $19.99.

Sure, throwing a tennis ball is fun, my dogs love them too, but I find the classic Kong tires them easily. The funny construction keeps them further entertained once it hits the ground because it bounces in all different directions. It is completely unpredictable and when one of my dogs think they got it, it will bounce in a completely different direction causing them to stop, jump and run in another direction.

I actually find it quite comical watching them play keeping myself entertained as well 🙂

I have owned quite a few Kongs over the years. My first being the classic Kong which I would fill with peanut butter and freeze then give my puppy when I left for the day. He absolutely loved it and that is when my love for Kong started, making it still one of my favorite go-to toys for my needy fur balls.



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