Basic Guidelines to Making Homemade Dog Food

1. Keep it simple!

This should be easy and not overwhelming. Find a base recipe and expand from there. Swap out different fruits and vegetables that have similar benefits. Don’t know where to start? Click on my recipes tab for my basic easy nutritious homemade dog food recipes. If all else fails reach out to a nutritionist however be warned a pet nutritionist could cost around $150 just for a consultation!

2. Follow each recipe to the T!

My dog Moose can gain weight just by looking at a slab of liver while my Lulu will just burn it off. Stay on track with them, watch them. If, they look like they have more junk in their trunk, feed a little less. If, they look like they are loosing add a little more. Sounds simple enough? You got this!

3. Invest in a food scale.

Ok, it is not an investment it is $8.99, just buy it! There are so many other uses for a food scale besides making your dogs their foods. Super cheap and super useful!

4. Supplements!

Foods alone will not give them the proper nutrients they need to thrive. Have no clue what I am talking about? Check out my supplements tab to see what I add to my recipes. I promise you will not need to visit the small loan department for the ones I use.

5. Vet checks!

It is highly advisable that you get your pup in for some blood work about a month or so after you have started the homemade diet. It is important to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition and are not falling behind.


* I am not a nutritionist or a veterinarian. I am just a mom to two pups who has done quite a bit of research on the homemade dog food diet. These guidelines are ones made by me, used by me, unless otherwise told by my veterinarian. Please consult with your dogs vet before changing your pets diet as each dog is different and has different nutritional needs*


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