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My name is Kim and I have two beautiful miniature dachshunds named Moose and Lulu. They are the same age, the same breed but two completely different dogs when it comes to food. Frustrated with kibble and money not well spent, I decided to make homemade dog food.

I know it sounds crazy, and time-consuming and expensive but it does not have to be.

My life goes something like this….the faster the better.

So when it came to feeding my two pups the same applied, dry kibble, measured and dumped in their bowl and boom, out the door. Well, as much as that would have fit perfectly into my hectic life, it had not gone so smoothly.

Moose, the oldest by four months, was overweight, the baby Lulu was refusing to eat her new kibble that I had just spent $60.00 on. This was now our third go-around with another brand and it was yet another “no.” I tried everything. I pre-softened her food with water, I would add broths, and sardines, and scrambled eggs and yogurt. Everything I knew she would eat I would add to her kibble to entice her appetite. Nothing worked.

Now  Moose was always hungry. Eating everything and anything he could get his hands on, including but not limited to, branches, twigs, paper, food wrappers, legos and lastly the most revolting…his sister’s poop. To me this indicated….yes, he is a dog, but maybe he did not feel satisfied because he was eating plain dusty pebbles of kibble?

Nervous that my Lulu was not meeting her nutritional requirements and frightened that one day Moose would eat something that would make him terribly sick, I started to research homemade dog foods.

There was so much information it made my head spin.

I was on Facebook and Pinterest, reading and questioning and emailing and private messaging. Numerous times I started, and numerous times I stopped. There were so many opinions and so many supplements that the expenses seemed similar to that of kibble and I had zero confidence that I could actually pull it off, until… I actually did.

Which brings me to the creation of this website. A collection of free homemade dog food recipes, with simple ingredients, products and supplements that I use and want to share with you.

I hope this will provide you with some direction on how to get your pups started on a homemade dog food diet.

Much love,


Founder of Dog-gawn Delicious!

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